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IMPRESSIVE: Rwabwogo tours Masheda Holdings’ state-of-the-art integrated Agro-Tourism Hub

Odrek Rwabwogo, the chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development (PACEID), on Tuesday, June 4th, 2024, visited and toured Masheda Holdings, a mixed-agricultural farm that doubles as an agro-tourism hub located in Buyala along Mityana Road. Spanning over 25 acres, the Masheda facility houses a diverse ecosystem of operations, including the Masheda Palm Resort, Masheda Mixed Farm for catfish, Masheda Foods, and Nkore Designs by Masheda.

During his tour, Rwabwogo was deeply impressed by the holistic, integrated approach taken by the Masheda Holdings management team. “This is an exemplary facility that showcases the potential of building a comprehensive value chain ecosystem, especially in the catfish industry,” he noted.

The catfish operations at Masheda Palms encompass the entire production cycle, from fingerling rearing to processing, packaging, and even exporting of both smoked and fresh fillets. Rwabwogo applauded the facility’s efficiency and the management’s focus on maximizing the value of each stage of the process.

Marvin Lwasa, Masheda Holdings Executive Director explained that their catfish is farm-raised in an eco-friendly well established fish farm per International standards for farmed fish. “We sustainably produce premium and organic catfish products while prioritizing environmental stewardship, aquaculture welfare, and customer satisfaction,” Marvin states.

Masheda Holdings Executive Director Marvin Lwasa explains to PACEID Chairman Odrek Rwabwogo about the packaging process

One aspect that particularly caught Rwabwogo’s attention was the Nkore Designs by Masheda, a workshop where single mothers create beautiful and high-quality crafts from reeds. “It is heartening to see the empowerment of these women, who are using their skills to produce such exquisite products,” he remarked.

Sherinah Nabakooza Ainembabazi, the CEO Finance, says that the Nkore Designs weaving project was born out of the trials faced by many during the COVID-19 country-wide lockdown. “As many lost their jobs and incomes, the single mothers in and around the Buyala community needed to find a source of income to support themselves and their families”.

Sherinah Nabakooza Ainembabazi, the CEO of Finance at Nkore Designs by Masheda (C)

“Nkore Designs supports women by equipping them with a new skill set (weaving) that would also provide them with an income. Through NKORË Designs, we desire to create a sustainable livelihood and a sense of purpose for our surrounding community. Our mission for this business, especially through our impact arm, is to transform the women in our communities into empowered, informed and dignified women. A woman that is elevated and empowered enhances the quality of her own life, the life of her family, and her wider community.”

Odrek Rwabwogo with the single mothers of Nkore Designs by Masheda at the workshop

Rwabwogo expressed his appreciation for the Masheda Holdings team’s vision and execution, stating that the facility serves as a model for integrated agro-tourism hubs that can drive economic development and create sustainable livelihoods.

“This is the kind of forward-thinking, value-adding approach that we need to replicate and scale across the country,” Rwabwogo concluded. “Masheda Holdings is a shining example of what can be achieved when entrepreneurial spirit, technological innovation, and a focus on social impact come together.”

“On behalf of everyone at Masheda Holdings, we would like to extend our thanks to Mr. Odrek Rwabwogo & the PACEID team for taking the time to visit our facilities. Your presence was a great source of inspiration for our team. We deeply appreciate your unwavering commitment to the export promotion of Uganda’s products. Your tireless efforts in this regard are paving the way for producers and exporters like ourselves, and it is such a vision that encourages us to reach new heights. Thank you for your dedication and support, which not only enhances the visibility of Ugandan products on the global stage but also fosters a thriving environment for businesses like ours to grow and succeed.” says Marvin Lwasa, who also doubles as the Managing Director, Masheda Foods.

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