Upgrade Aerodromes & Entebbe Airport Expansion


  • CAA submitted a concept proposal to Sharjah Chamber of Commerce
  •  UAE for funding of EIA expansion and 4 aerodromes (Kidepo, Kasese, Arua & Kisoro)
  • The team from Sharjah UAE came and toured Kidepo National Park with CAA team on 7th July 2023
  • CAA technical team went back to Kidepo to assess the location of the aerodromes.
Aerodromes & Entebbe Airport Expansion
23 %

All Government Institutions to Harmonize Communication

  • Forming committees in this regard, which includes (Media center, State House, ICT, Min of Health, Defense, Tourism, National Broadcasters,
  • The first meeting is set for 12th September 2023. At Serena Hotel starting at 9-11am
Government Instituions to Harmonize Communication
4 %

UCC & Telecommunications Companies to Provide 5G Broadband Internet across Game lodges and Aerodromes

  • NITA-U ready support in the internet connections in the national park, waiting on PACEID is follow through.
  • UWA signed an MoU with MTN to build up towers in national parks to run
  • Reduced the annual fee from $20,000 to $12000
  • UCC issued Operators Radio frequency spectrum broadband, for deployment of broadband services in Uganda
  • Following up on the list of those
UCC & Telecommunications Comapnies to Provide 5G Broadband Internet accross Game lodges and Aerodromes
80 %

Setup Uganda Trade Hubs at Airport on arrival and Departure

  • The President’s Office sent a letter to CAA requesting that the space and layout are underway by the Uganda Connect team.
  • The Entebbe Hub space was designated by CAA and PACEID is following through on design layout and construction.
Setup Uganda Trade Hubs at airport on arrival and Departure
30 %