Examples of these will include.

  1. Horticulture Working Group 
  2. Grain working Group.
  1.  Strengthening enabling policy and regulatory environment (under Fish, Animal and Crop
    sub programs)
  2. Provision of Supportive infrastructure for export
  3. Enhancing human resource capacities (recruiting, equipping and retooling)
  4. Skills development and enhancement across the value chain including private sector
    export apex bodies/ associations.
  5. Access to Finance to for compliance

Provide technical and coordination support to specialised working groups reviewing
food safety laws and legislations towards regulatory reform; Mobilise stakeholders
to articulate and demand regulatory reform for a modern and effective regulatory
a) Food Safety Bill
b) Agricultural Chemical Control Act, 2007;
c) Seed and Plant Act,2006;
d) Plant Protection and Health Act,2015;
e) SPS policy;
f) Animal Feeds Bill,2021;
g) Veterinary Practitioners’ Bill, 2021;
h) Animal Diseases (Amendment) Bill, 2022;
i) Fisheries and Aquaculture Bill,2021;
j) Animal Welfare Bill, 2022, and cattle Traders Bill 2022 (MAAIF to harmonize and
produce one bill); and
k) National Agricultural Research Organization Act, 2005.

PACEID is working with the USDA- TRASE Project to provide technical support/
consultants to facilitate the establishment of the proposed National Agricultural Inputs
and Food Authority

PACEID embarked on a needs assessment and is leveraging the following funds:
United Kingdom Export Fund (UKEF) loan to;
– Scale up and accredit reference laboratories and facilities such as National
Agricultural Diagnostics Laboratory and Support Center (Entebbe), National
Agricultural Diagnostics Laboratory and Support Center (NADDEC), National
Veterinary Medical Stores (NADDEC).
– Develop land border export inspection, quarantine, and export facilities at Entebbe,
Busia, Mutukula,Malaba, Elegu, Mutukula, Kyankwanzi and Mpondwe.
– Facilitate the Centre for research and development at National Coffee Research
– Support the establishment of a soluble Coffee Processing Facility to produce freeze
Dried instant coffee for the world market with 20 million Euros.
– Support the operationalization of the export credit fund with 10 million Euros.

Establishing an export facilitation revolving fund- TFF with STI and PSFU for value addition